Monday, August 1, 2011

Project Frugalista

Happy August! Now that it's the first of the month I can officially start on Project Frugalista, the primary reason why I've started this fashion blog.

Rebecca from Confessions of a Shopaholic... NOT a role model!
 In an effort to spend money like a responsible grownup and dress with class, I'm going to limit my clothing purchases to $200 a month. Now I know that's a lot of money for some and not much money at all for others, but it's an amount I feel like is doable for most of us. For me, cutting down on frivolous spending is very important because of major future expenses that are soon coming. My fiancĂ© and I hope to have a nice apartment and a comfortable nest egg in the next few years, and with wedding expenses calculated in, there is a lot of saving to do!

The $200 spending cap isn't just about saving money, however. It's about getting into the habit of thinking carefully before making decisions. Mindfulness means purchasing high quality items that will carry me for several seasons and will still look fashionable when my daughter raids my closet 20 years from now. And, hopefully, the act of saving up for nicer items will help me appreciate them more.

Do you have any financial goals set for this month? How do you budget for your fashion expenses?

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