Friday, August 12, 2011

Five Things.

Even though I grew up in the South, I always forget how brutal the summers can be. New York City may get hot but there's always a cool breeze when you need one. Here, the summer air is thick with humidity and the temperature is relentless. Iced tea, A/C and shorts aren't a 'must', they're an 'of course'. Here are five other things that are keeping me sane in this sweltering heat.

Evian spray. This is a lifesaver during the summertime. Not only does it keep your skin lightly moisturized, it also cools you down and refreshes your face. The cute little travel size fits into virtually any purse and no matter how hot it may get, the spray always feels blissfully cold.

Bright, fun flip-flops. These Nanette Lepore pair have been carrying me faithfully this entire summer. It doesn't get any easier than flip-flops, and trust me, when the temperature lounges at 100°F all week, you just want to slip into something easy.

BN Nook Color. Simply wonderful. Cooking and baking feels like a nightmare in the summertime but my new Nook makes the process enjoyable again. No bulky volumes on canning to juggle, and thanks to its built-in wifi, I can also use it to look up cooking techniques on Youtube in a pinch.

New purse. Roomy, lightweight... enough said.

Lavender aromatherapy sleep spray. Did you know? Your body temperature spikes slightly before you fall asleep (and then slowly drops during the night). This lavender spray is soothing without being cloying, and makes me forget all about the heat long enough to fall asleep.

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