Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shorts Story

It seems like at the end of every summer I get suckered into buying “staples” I don’t really need, all under the misconception that I’m somehow saving money.

Yes, it is SUMMER CLEARANCE season and recessionistas all over are advising you stock up now on strappy sandals and printed sundresses for the next summer. In theory, it’s not a bad idea—every summer calls for sandals and sundresses—but the sad fact is that the cute stuff I buy during clearance sales never get any play by the time next summer rolls around… The things I thought were cute last year have morphed into Bad Ideas, or worse, there are much cuter offerings this year that I have to buy.

This time I’m sticking to shorts Only. They can be enjoyed now, in the last dregs of summer, and can easily pull double-duty in the upcoming months: a shorts + tights combo can get you a lot of mileage in the fall.

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