Friday, July 29, 2011

Art In Motion

I’m one of those cretinous people who will spend more time in the museum gift shop than the actual museum itself.

In my defense, the world’s best museums often have the world’s best gift shops. The Museum of Modern Art, I’ll even venture to say, has a gift shop that outshines the actual museum itself (I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really “get” modern art—two years ago I saw a video exhibit at MoMA that included a clip of bare breasted woman walking in a shallow pool filled with trash… I’m still losing sleep at night trying to decipher its meaning).

The Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop has hands-down one of the best jewelry selections of any retailer, period. Since most of their designs are either direct copies of historical artifacts or inspired by a specific period, you would think the jewelry would feel dated or costume-y. On the contrary! A surprising number of the pieces have a cool, classic-contemporary vibe and can easily be mixed into a modern wardrobe.

1. Egyptian Princess Turquoise Necklace - $75.00 $56.25
2. Golden Fringe Earrings - $75.00
3. Parisian Art Nouveau Pendant Necklace - $110.00
4. Precolumbian Ornament Earrings - $85.00
5. Two-Tone Egyptian Knot Bangle Bracelet - $185.00
6. Art Nouveau Peacock Feather Bracelet - $265.00
7. Russian Imperial Enamel Ring - $63.75

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